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If you are looking for a loan or a credit card and you have bad credit then you already know that it is going to be an uphill battle because of your lower credit score. The good new is that there are instant decision bad credit loans and credit cards available even if you have one of the lowest credit scores possible. The lenders that make these kinds of issuances of credit or most of the time consider to be sub-prime lenders, and these types of lenders work primarily with people that have very low credit scores and cannot find a loan or credit card anywhere else.

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These kinds of lenders can typically make all sorts of loans, from home loans, to car loans, to personal loans, and they will take a look at almost any individual's application provide they have the remainder of their application in order. These kinds of lenders can look over you credit problems without a hiccup, but they will typically always require that you have a job, or some other kind of demonstrable income. You will most likely have to provide the lender either tax-documents in the form of a W-2, or pay stubs from your current employer.

If they can see that you can afford your monthly payments then you should most likely be able to get the loan, and it will then be about the kind of interest rate and finance charges the lender is going to charge you. If you are working with a bad credit lender then you will almost always be charged higher than the standard rate, and the amount of finance charges you'll have to pay will depend heavily on your application.

If you can't get a loan from a bad credit lender for whatever reason then you may want to look into applying for an instant decision credit card. Instant decision credit cards are available for individuals who have a great variance in terms of credit scores and an instant decision card can easily provide you with the necessary capital for whatever you need. You can apply online without much effort, and once you do you will usually be given an instant decision right on the spot. If you are approved then you will receive your credit card in the mail about a week later and then you will have the funds you need despite your bad credit.

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