Bad Credit Loans Rescue Consumers From Global Credit Crisis

As the entire world succumbs to the historic unraveling of the financial markets, borrowers across the UK turn to bad credit loans to rescue them. In their time of need these special lenders offer loans, mortgages, and credit to people who have damaged credit history, lower credit scores, or a lack of assets.

They are not new to the financial world, but remain relatively unfamiliar to most borrowers because during happy economic times most consumers do not require a bad credit loan. But as the credit situation worsens, bad credit lenders are now coming to the forefront to offer solid financial assistance as more conventional lenders retreat - leaving their customers to fend for themselves.

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Banks are afraid to lend because they first have to solve their own credit problems. These days confidence in their ability to manage money has deteriorated so much that they are even refusing to lend to one another, and the governments of the world have to give them handouts.

The UK government has had to inject up to £37bn into the Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS, and Lloyds, and central banks around the world are having to pour similar cash into their own banks to keep them from failing.

The UK Treasury recently unveiled a wide-ranging emergency rescue plan that will cut shareholder dividend payouts. That can hurt shareholders, including pensioners and those companies who manage retirement funds for their employees.

The government will also buy up a majority stake in RBS, but the bailout will cost UK taxpayers as much as £20 billion. Meanwhile Lloyds will get a package worth as high as £17 billion, and taxpayers may wind up also paying for a government bailout of Barclays to the tune of nearly £7 billion.

At the same time, UK Treasury officials are negotiating with the Ambassador of Iceland, to try and figure out a way to recoup millions of pounds that were invested by British local authorities in Icelandic banks that have since collapsed as that nation totters on the verge of outright bankruptcy.

Although the stock markets may rise - or fall - the fact remains that those living in the UK face a looming crisis that may go from a recession into a harsh depression. Already companies are starting to cut back on their overheads by trimming the workforce, and social service support systems for newly unemployed citizens are feeling an increased strain on their own limited resources. While ordinary consumers struggle to make ends meet, lenders continue to make it harder to borrow at affordable rates. Nationwide raised its mortgage rates considerably, despite the Bank of England base rates being cut by half a point.

Britain's second largest mortgage lender also said that all new borrowers except for first-time buyers must come up with a down payment deposit of at least 15 percent, and first-time buyers must provide 10 per cent. Nationwide used to routinely lend up to 90 percent of the value of a property, and gave first timers loans for up to 95 percent. Those days are over, though, and the number of lenders willing to offer inexpensive loans is dwindling fast.

But providers of Loans for Bad Credit have not suffered the same kinds of severe losses that their traditional counterparts are experiencing. For that reason these bad credit lenders are able to continue offering a variety of different loan products to help UK homeowners mortgage or refinance their houses, buy Cars, pay tuition, or pay off high interest rate credit cards.

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