Collateral For Secured Bad Credit Loans

As most know there is a large difference between approval, and rejection. Such can be the case for unsecured and secured bad credit loans. If you happen to be in a position where you have poor credit to the point where you will be turned down for a loan by most lenders, it may be time to consider a loan that requires collateral. A secured loan is by no means a bad thing; it simply offers the lender some security that the loan will be repaid one way or another.

What Can Be Considered Collateral

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This is a question that is asked many times when people are looking for a loan. Secured bad credit loans are as the name applies, secured against the high risk that you are to the lender. This will require you to offer up something that is of equal or higher value of the amount you intend to get. In most cases, a home or a piece of land is more than sufficient in securing a loan. Provided the land or building does not have a lien or government hold, there is no reason that you should be refused as these are solid forms of collateral. A car or boat of the same value or greater, can also be used to secure such a loan however the same rule applies that there must be no lien by a bank or independent broker.

Smaller Items Can Be Used As Collateral

While offering up a car or home for collateral means that you get to hold on to them during the life of the loan, until paid off or in some cases a default occurs. The lender usually holds onto smaller items as collateral for secured bad credit loans. Smaller items can include jewelry, estate items, paintings or other forms of art, or coin collections.

The lender will ask to keep these as it is easier for these items to be misplaced or lost prior to the finalizing of the loan either by pay out or default. This will protect the lender and it should offer some incentive to the borrower as well, to make sure the loan is indeed repaid.

If the loan does in fact go to default, the lender will place collateral up for public auction in a means of gaining the money lost. In the case of a home it would be considered foreclosure, and with a car it would be considered repossession. Neither of which will sit nicely on a credit score.

Doing It Right

When it comes to secured bad credit loans, you will want to be sure to do it right. Do your homework first, and know what you can handle. Do not take on more than your income will allow to be repaid without problems.

Make sure to read all fine print on the contract, and know exactly what you are signing. This will save confusion across the board. The most important aspect of the loan however, is to ensure that the loan is paid back in a timely fashion, set by the agreement laid out before you. This will make your credit rating stronger in the end, and give you better opportunities for more loans in the future should the need arise.

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