Unsecured Bad Credit Loans - Some Key Questions About This Loan

What are unsecured bad credit loans?

It is a loan that is made for the people out there, that have poor credit. It is also a loan, where you do not need collateral to secure it.

Can I get this loan, if I'm bankrupt?

Yes. Being bankrupt will not stop you, from getting unsecured bad credit loans. These loan agencies do not check your background information.

What are the requirements?

1. Have a valid social security number 2. Must be 18 years old to apply 3. Have a job for at least 3 months and working now 4. Be a legal U.S. citizen 5. Have a resident U.S. address

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How much cash can I get with this loan?

You can get up to $1,500. You will need to qualify for this amount, before you will be able to get it. Most applicants will get $1,000 or less, when they apply.

What if I don't have a job? Can I still get unsecured bad credit loans?

If you don't have a job, you can have someone co-sign your loan for you. The person you choose to do this needs to make at least $1,000 a month.

Can I get this loan, if I'm in the military?

Yes. You can get this loan, if you are in the military. People think that it is different for service members, but it is not. Military members can fill out a loan application in the same way a civilian can.

Do I need direct deposit?

Yes. Most unsecured bad credit loan companies do prefer direct deposit. You will need either an active checking or savings account in order to receive the funds to your account.

Do I need to pay an application fee?

No. You do not have to pay an application fee for unsecured bad credit loans. Companies do not charge fees because they would lose business to other loan companies that dont charge fees. You will have to pay interest on your loan, but not an application fee.

What is the interest on these loans?

The interest ranges from 10 to 20%. It varies depending on the information you include in your loan application. Most on average are about 15%

Is my information shared with other lenders?

Your information is not shared with anyone, but the company you choose to apply your loan. It is bad business for these companies to share their customer's information.

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