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One mistake and you find yourself in financial trap. People find themselves in a financial situation where they need money immediately but can't avail it due to the bad credit. Financial market of United Kingdom has grown immensely within last few years; lenders are coming forward to lend the money. People with adverse credit history got the opportunities to avail the finance after introducing bad credit loans. Theses loans are very much similar with other loans in terms of process and documentation. Consumers are still confused about the bad credit; credit score is responsible to make your credit history good or bad. An individual can get the poor credit intentionally or unintentionally, if you don't pay credit car payments, electricity or water bills, rent, telephone bills etc. These all are big reasons behind the adverse credit history but some time small mistakes can ruin it like unpaid parking ticket, forgot to return library books etc.

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In bad credit loans, lenders don't perform credit check on applicant's name. These funds include very easy and convenient process as lenders don't pay much attention on credit score while approving the money application. Borrowers need to provide simple information in order to get approval name, permanent address, employer details, income, citizenship, bank details etc. Applicant just needs to fill a simple online application form and rest things will be done by lenders. Even lenders transfer the money automatically into the account of borrower.

These loans are available in two forms for needy citizens.
Secured and Unsecured

To avail the secured loans, individual need to pledge collateral against the money and there is no need of collateral while applying for unsecured loans. This is the only most important difference between these two. The other differences are related with rate on interest, loan amount and Period of loans.

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