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Due to natural changes in the UK credit market, borrowers that have adverse credit history and rating have much greater access to reasonable loan rates than ever before. Statistics show that about one fourth of all UK borrowers have experienced some type of adverse credit. This is a fairly substantial amount of people. While it is somewhat alarming to hear that so many people are having struggles with debt, it is not surprising in today's credit-driven economy.

Credit card balances and revolving debt amounts continue to increase in the UK, which naturally leads to more people struggling to manage their personal debt situations. The good news for the growing group of people that have adverse credit is that now more than ever, they have options to obtain financing. This increase in the amount of bad credit loan opportunities can actually be partly attributed to a growing population of consumers who fit the profile of this target audience.

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As more consumers face bad credit, and as the credit market has become flooded with lenders and card companies, competition has forced banks and lenders to be competitive with loan products. This has caused some lenders to aggressively pursue the bad credit market with targeted loan products. While it cannot be said that having bad credit is advantageous, it can be said that it is not as hopeless as it once was for those that have been irresponsible with debt. There are more second chances for borrowers.

Certainly there is more risk to lenders when making loans to consumers that have already demonstrated poor performance with debt. However, some lenders market themselves as being sympathetic to the needs of bad credit borrowers. Lenders attempt to go after borrowers with either low hassle application processes, more reasonable rates or terms on loans, or loans of lower amounts that help the borrower rebuild their credit.

Another change that has benefited bad credit borrowers has been the growth in the internet with regards to lending. Independent brokers have forced more rate competition among loan carriers, and more lenders are offering products online. This has created a more efficient market for lenders and allowed for quicker loan processes for consumers. Borrowers due need to be cautious when searching for loans with bad credit. While many reputable lenders are available, some unscrupulous lenders look to take advantage of desperate borrowers with high rates and up front loan fees. Some hide these fees in fine print of disclosures to avoid communicating them directly to consumers.

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