Bad Credit Loans For Business - Don't Take Credit Cards? This Option Is For You

Many businesses have found themselves denied for working capital loans because few banks are lending in this post financial crisis climate. Most 'bad credit loans for business' are from merchant cash companies that make taking credit cards a stipulation of getting the loan disbursed. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs need small business loans for bad credit who may have been approved a few years.

These businesses may not accept credit cards, and may have been shut out of receiving even a high rate merchant cash advance because they are a normal 'cash' business or a manufacturing concern that bills it's clients net 30 or net 60 terms, receiving checks or wire transfers of cash as payment. These kinds of businesses have been the hardest hit as banks tend to hold onto their sizable cash reserves until economic conditions get better and so-called 'alternative' business non-bank lenders will only lend to those concerns that accept credit cards.

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Such businesses may be defined by traditional banks or the SBA as bad credit, but still have a healthy business base and cash flow. Many times, business loans have been declined simply because a owner may have a bad credit score, even though the rest of the business fundamentals may be sound.

However, there is an choice from a non-lender that has entered the marketplace that can handle business principals with low credit scores and still make loans to so-called "cash" businesses that have an established track record. Additionally, the cost of these loans is usually 40-50% less than a comparable cash advance without any upfront fees. Manufacturers, internet companies, restaurants and other companies that have been most recently been "blacklisted" by many lenders may also be approved for working capital.

The so called 'credit crunch' has left many business owners that were once considered excellent loan applicants in the uneviable position of needing bad credit loans for business, whether or not they truly have bad credit. Fortunately, new options exist that will help expand with their businesses as they move forward into the future.

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